Brian Perry

Brian has been actively involved in the financial markets for more than 20 years and has worked as a portfolio manager, strategist, and trader. At Pure Financial Advisors, Brian uses his extensive investment background and focus on behavioral finance to help clients navigate turbulent markets and stay on course towards their financial goals. Prior to [...]

In this video, Pure Financial Advisors’ Director of Research, Brian Perry, CFP®, CFA® outlines the 5 top portfolio management techniques: conservative, moderate, aggressive, income-oriented, and tax efficient. Brian discusses when and how you might use each of these five techniques and how to decide which one best suits your financial goals.


Important Points:

(00:50) – Conservative Portfolio Management Strategy

(01:16) – Time Horizon and Risk Tolerance

(01:25) – Intermediate Approach

(01:39) – Growth Approach

(02:15) – Income-Oriented Approach

(02:33) – Ways of Generating Income: Total Return Approach and Dividends and Interest Approach

(03:17) – Tax Efficient Approach

(03:56) – Two Main Types of Assets: Growth and Safety

(06:25) – Financial Planning First, Investing Next

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