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Our Investment Philosophy & Investment Best Practices

Our Investment Philosophy & Investment Services Best Practices
Planning is a map, and your investments are the vehicle. At Pure, our investment advisors base their long-term prudent strategy on the power of capital markets and time-tested industry research. Our asset management services utilize data backed by the science of capital markets. Our research help guides the way to your financial well-being.


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Investment Portfolio Asset Allocation

Modern finance illustrates that an investor’s asset allocation is the major determinant in reaching the long-term goals they desire. Pure’s asset managers use a variety of technical investing data to structure and execute financial services that create well-structured portfolios.


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Global Portfolio Diversification

As Nobel Prize winner Merton Miller once said, “Diversification is your buddy!” Successful portfolio management means not only pursuing returns, but also managing risks that may compromise the integrity of those returns. At Pure Financial, our investment professionals believe diversification is one of the best ways to approach risk management. This investment strategy reduces uncertainty and increases the reliability of outcomes.


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Institutional Access

Holding your investments with Pure Financial gives you access to professional asset managers without the typical sales loads associated with commissioned brokers. These fund managers are used by some of the nation’s largest institutional investors, putting you alongside many of the asset management industry’s biggest and best-run financial institutions.


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Portfolio Rebalancing Services

Even the best-designed portfolio needs attention. A carefully constructed asset allocation will drift due to varying performances without constant attention as investment vehicles are susceptible to natural market fluctuation. That’s why the Pure Financial investment advisor team will examine every portfolio on a daily basis – to identify opportunities for tax efficiency and rebalancing. You deserve financial advisors that are attentive, and our investment management team always has their finger on the market’s pulse.


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Tax Management Services

Taxes are unavoidable but paying too much in taxes can be eliminated from your financial future. At Pure, one of our key financial planning strategies is finding ways to reduce the amount our clients pay in taxes annually. Our proven strategies to reduce taxes are an important part of your overall wealth management plan because unlike the market, taxes are something we have some control over.


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