How to Make Better Investment Decisions

How to Make Better Investment Decisions Using Expected Value

Before you make any investment decision, consider this concept: expected value. Matt Balderston, CFP® explains how to make better investment decisions using expected value to achieve better results in the long run.

“The topic I want to talk about today is expected value and how it applies to investing.

Now, the definition of expected value is the average results … Read more

Matt BalderstonMatt Balderston
What are stocks and bonds?

What exactly are stocks and bonds?

Let’s get back to the basics. Stocks and bonds are both instruments used by companies to raise capital. But what exactly does that mean and how are stocks and bonds different? Nathan Ritchison, CFP® walks you through the differences between stocks and bonds and the risk factors of both.

“Sometimes in my client meetings I get questions about or … Read more

Nathaniel RitchisonNathaniel Ritchison
Tax Reform: 2017 Year-End Planning

Tax Reform: 2017 Year-End Planning

Tax Reform Bill as of December 14, 2017

With the ever-changing tax reform, make sure you prepare ahead of time. Don’t be blindsided by the potential changes that tax reform could bring. Alan Clopine, CPA walks you through critical year-end tax planning strategies that you might want to implement before 2018.


“There’s a final Republican tax bill. House and … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine
Tax Reform: The Final Republican Tax Bill

Tax Reform: The Final Republican Tax Bill

What’s Known as of December 14, 2017

Tax reform has been changing constantly and we have the latest up to date news. The Republicans have finalized their tax bill as of December 14, 2017. Here’s what they decided on:

– Party leaders in the House and Senate reconcile their competing tax bills
– Final vote is aimed for before … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine

What is a Double Roth Conversion Strategy?

You might want to consider doing more than one Roth conversion in a year in order to optimize your conversion strategy, providing you with a better probability of success. By doing multiple Roth conversions, you are able to wait until the following year to see which investments perform better.

Typically you have until December 31st to do a Roth conversion … Read more

Allison AlleyAllison Alley
Charitable Contribution Taxes

How Does a Charitable Contribution Affect My Taxes?

Charitable contributions are one of the biggest tax saving tools available to taxpayers. David Cook, CFP® makes sure you know all the details so that you can not only make a difference in the world but also a difference on your taxes.

“Today we’re going to be discussing charitable contributions and that is one a few things to think … Read more

David CookDavid Cook
New Tax Brackets

Proposed New Tax Brackets

Tax reform in both the House of Representatives and the Senate call for collapsing the current seven brackets to four. Will that change how much money you have to pay in taxes each year? Financial expert Alan Clopine breaks it down.… Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine
Senate vs House Tax Reform

Tax Talk: Senate vs. House of Representatives Tax Reform

Tax reform is getting a significant amount of airtime. Changes in the tax laws could make a difference in the amount of money you have to give to Uncle Sam each year. So what changes do the various bills actually make and what do they mean for you? Financial expert Alan Clopine takes a look at how the House of … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine