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Our guests are what makes Your Money, Your Wealth® truly unique. We cover a wide range of topics, including retirement planning, tax reform, cash flow analysis, charitable giving, real estate, how to set investment goals and more! Real financial topics, from real financial experts.

John Preston

Founder and Principal, "Preston Estate Planning"

Liz Ann Sonders

Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Devin Carroll

Host, Big Picture Retirement podcast

Marcus Garrett

Host, Paychecks & Balances Podcast

Lindsey Stanberry

Work & Money Director at Refinery29

Julia Wang

Editor-In-Chief and Vice President of Content at Value Penguin

Todd Tresidder

Financial Coach and Educator at FinancialMentor.com

Jefferson Lilly

Park Avenue Partners Founder

Bethany Bayless

Director of Communications for "Heroes at Home"

Ellie Kay

Founder and President of "Heroes at Home"

David Kelly

Chief Global Strategist & Head of the Global Market Insights Strategy Team for J.P. Morgan

Steve Wendel

Head of Behavioral Science at Morningstar

Jean Chatzky
Jean Chatzky

Financial Editor of NBC’s TODAY Show

Diane Gaswirth

Sales Director, Medicare and Retirement, UnitedHealthcare

Cubert, AbandonedCubicle.com

Financial Blogger

Jeffrey Levine
Jeffrey Levine

Director of Advisor Education for Kitces.com

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We like to bring different perspectives to Your Money, Your Wealth® by inviting guests with a wide breadth of financial and retirement planning knowledge.

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Whether its an expert on Medicare who has been in the space for decades or a retirement blogger with progressive ideas, we provide you with a variety of valuable information to take control of your financial decisions. From Sales Directors, Side Hustlers, and CEOs, to Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Behavioral Scientists – our goal is to bring the most value to your financial situation!