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The Trump Effect on the Markets – 111

Show Notes Investor Optimism, Emerging Markets and the Trump Effect (:36) If you have a personal relationship with your portfolio, it may serve you better (10:47) 6 Basic Retirement Questions Most Americans… Read more

Podcast #111 :

10 Tax Mistakes That Could Cost You Huge Penalties — Or Worse – 110

Show Notes Should you claim Social Security at 62? (:49) What Joe and Al really think about tax hikes and cuts (11:54) Big Al’s list: 10 common tax-filing mistakes to avoid (17:08) 6 myths… Read more

Podcast #110 :

Six Steps To Get Super Rich & Work Your Wealth

Show Notes Mary Beth Storjohann, author of Work Your Wealth: 9 Steps to Making Smarter Choices with Your Money joins the show Will your 401(k) gains be taxed at 15%? A new proposal for… Read more

Guest: Mary Beth Storjohann

Podcast #109 :

Understanding Social Security & Donald Trump’s Tax Return

Intro: What you need to know about the current Social Security claiming rules. How to curb taxes in retirement. And what Donald Trump’s tax return reveals. This is Your Money Your Wealth.… Read more

Guest: Mary Beth Franklin

Podcast #108 :

Teaching Kids Economics with Author Michelle Balconi

Show Notes Michelle Balconi joins the show to discuss her book, Let’s Chat About Economics. Follow @letschatecon on Twitter for updates on Balconi’s book series. (10:56) Find out why Joe might retire. (:39)… Read more

Guest: Michelle Balconi

Podcast #107 :

Determining Your Retirement Readiness by Calculating Your Power Percentage

How to save for retirement if you’re a small business owner, or if you work for one. How to calculate your “power percentage.” And do you say nitch, or niche? This is… Read more

Podcast #106 :

Portfolio Diversification Using Factor-Based Investing

Whether Social Security will be around when you need it – or not. Tax planning if you’re a millionaire or just want to be one. And how to really diversify that investment… Read more

Guest: Larry Swedroe

Podcast #104 :

Do You Really Need a Financial Advisor?

Why you probably need an estate plan. How financial advisors provide value. And why young Americans would rather talk about their sexually transmitted diseases than their debts. This is Your Money, Your… Read more

Guest: Don Bennyhoff

Podcast #103 :

Andrew Fiebert on How To Retire Early

Intro: How to retire early – like, really early! What, if anything, the news about the Department of Labor fiduciary rule means to you, and why Joe HATES target date funds! This… Read more

Guest: Andrew Fiebert

Podcast #102 :

Stretch IRAs and The Business of Family

Kiplinger’s Retirement Report editor Rachel Sheedy tells Joe and Big Al how to inherit a retirement account without paying a boatload of taxes all at once. Family, Inc. author Doug McCormick talks about… Read more

Guest: Rachel L. Sheedy

Guest: Douglas P. McCormick

Podcast #101 :

8 Proven Ways to Boost Your Retirement Income

With so many retirement planning strategies and the plethora of information on the internet, it can be hard for some to prioritize where to start when it comes to planning for their… Read more

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