Personal finance podcast bringing listeners, both beginners and experts alike, actionable advice to retire successfully. Hosts Joe Anderson, CFP® and "Big Al" Clopine, CPA break down key strategies on designing your investment portfolio, maximizing Social Security, generating a retirement income distribution plan, avoiding paying unnecessary taxes, financial independence and so much more.

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Your Money, Your Wealth guest Philip Taylor
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Nick Loper from
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Michael Hall
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Joel Larsgaard of the Pour Not Poor podcast
The College Investor Robert Farrington
The Retirement Manifesto Founder, Fritz Gilbert
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Erin Lowry, Broke Millennial
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Jan Cullinane
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Jackie Beck
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Catherine Collinson
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Chris Mamula
Your Money, Your Wealth guest Amanda B. Johnson
Whitney Hansen
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Peter Hug
Walter Updegrave
Elaine Martyn
Erin Kathleen Jones - Salvation Army
The Luxe Strategist
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Journey to Launch founder, Jamila Souffrant
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Apple, Spotify, and RMDs Feeling Volatile Markets

How the most volatile month of the year affected Spotify and Apple, and how to avoid volatile markets and sequence of returns risk affecting your required minimum distributions. Plus, should a self-employed small business owner contribute to a solo Roth 401(k)? If you max your Roth IRA contributions and receive a company match, is that over-contributing, and how is that … Read more

Podcast #194

Why Market Corrections Are a Good Thing

The market has been in correction territory more than once over the past week, and Joe and Big Al explain why that’s a good thing. Plus, is the three bucket investing and withdrawal strategy good for large portfolios? What’s the real value of your net worth? Ways to protect your sanity and your money as you age. And, on the … Read more

Podcast #193

Jean Chatzky on the Big Shift to Women in Financial Power

Jean Chatzky (NBC’s Today Show) talks about, her new project giving women the confidence to lead the charge into the financial future. Plus, what women get wrong about money, how automation can help our health and our wealth, and why the gig economy isn’t helping. Joe and Big Al discuss the Uber IPO, taking RMDs from your … Read more

Guest:  Jean Chatzky Jean Chatzky

Podcast #192

Tempted to Panic and Sell? Do These 3 Things Instead

Brian Perry and Larry Swedroe on market volatility, whether, as President Donald Trump said, the Fed is crazy, and what 3 things you should do next to be like the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffett. Plus, answers to your questions: can you roll a 401(k) into a home purchase? What’s a good allocation of stocks vs. bonds? And … Read more

Guest:  Larry Swedroe Larry Swedroe

Podcast #191

4 Roth Conversion Options for Tax-Free Portfolio Growth

Trump tax cuts are slated to sunset in 2025, but the House has passed the GOP bill to make them permanent. Life insurance settlements, or “Death Bonds,” are being offered as a “solution” to senior bankruptcies. Four different Roth conversion options to avoid a tax bracket jump, with a caveat. And answers to your questions: Will the IRS take FICA … Read more

Podcast #190

IRA Basics: What You Need to Know About Individual Retirement Accounts

IRA basics: What do you know about the individual retirement account, also known as an IRA? On tap today, contributing to an IRA, IRAs for small business owners, self-directed IRAs, and IRA mistakes to avoid. Plus, Joe and Big Al answer your questions – like what does an IRA make?

Show Notes

  • (00:57) IRA Contributions: Everything You Need to Know
Read more
Podcast #189

Risks and Rewards of Vacation Rentals and Real Estate Investing

Cubert from shares his plans for using real estate, including AirBnB and VRBO vacation rentals, on his path to financial independence at the age of 46. Is it worth the risk? Plus, the fellas answer your questions about real estate investing: will it help you minimize taxes in a high tax state? And how can you avoid capital gains … Read more

Guest:  Cubert Cubert,

Podcast #188

Trump Retirement Security Executive Order: Small Business Opportunities and Concerns

Jeffrey Levine (Forbes/ Wealth Alliance) explains the retirement security opportunities and concerns presented by Donald Trump’s executive order on Multiple Employer Retirement Plans and required minimum distributions. Jeff also tells us how the IRS is throwing salt in the state and local tax deduction limit wound. Plus, will contributing to your retirement account lower your taxes and let you Read more

Guest:  Jeffrey Levine Jeffrey Levine

Podcast #187

Stop Spending Money the Wrong Way: 77 Days to Financial Happiness

Jonathan Clements on how to stop spending money the wrong way and enrich our financial lives in just 77 days with his new book, From Here to Financial Happiness. Plus, 3 things you need to do now if you want to retire in 5 years, and answers to the questions: why are there required minimum distributions on employer-sponsored Roth … Read more

Guest:  Jonathan Clements Jonathan Clements

Podcast #186

What You Need to Know About Social Security and Making Money

Social Security and Making Money: Today we’re answering your questions on how working, collecting a paycheck, or investing during retirement might affect your Social Security benefits. Plus, some call her the “Goddess of Social Security”: InvestmentNews contributing editor and nationally recognized Social Security expert Mary Beth Franklin joins Big Al to go over the basics of Social Security, as well … Read more

Guest:  Mary Beth Franklin mary beth franklin

Podcast #185

How to Manage 8 Risks That Can Derail Your Retirement

Plenty of risks threaten retirement, and today we focus on managing risks from longevity, inflation, sequence of returns, taxes, interest rates, and lost opportunity. Plus, Professor Jamie Hopkins from The American College and the New York Life Center for Retirement Income talks about how our risky investor behavior needs Rewirement (which happens to be the title of his most … Read more

Guest:  Jamie Hopkins Professor Jamie Hopkins

Podcast #184

Your 2018 Taxes: 10 Ways to Prepare and Save

2018 taxes will be very different than previous years. We’ve got 10 ways to make sure you’re properly prepared, and perhaps even reduce your 2018 tax burden. Plus, we talk about the benefits of Roth IRAs quite a bit – when might Roths be WRONG for you? And is it nuts to go with CDs in a traditional IRA?


Read more
Podcast #183

How to Cure the Investing Disease of Fear and Greed

Morgan Housel (Collaborative Fund, former Wall Street Journal and Motley Fool) offers practical ways to determine your actual risk tolerance and perhaps help avoid the investing disease of fear and greed. And, listen to find out where you fall on Morgan’s spectrum of financial dependence to financial independence. Plus, should you invest in a hybrid fixed indexed annuity? Is an … Read more

Guest:  Morgan Housel

Podcast #182

Are More Trump Tax Cuts and Big 401(k) & IRA Changes On the Way?

ANDI’S PODCAST SURVEY (has now ended!) On Friday, August 17th, 2018, we’re giving away a $100 Amazon gift card! To enter for your chance to win, take my 5-minute survey and let me know what you think about the Your Money, Your Wealth® podcast. What financial topics matter most to you? What are your favorite parts of the podcast? What Read more

Guest:  Meb Faber Meb Faber

Podcast #181