A common fear among baby boomers is running out of money. Life expectancy continues to increase, adding more years in retirement and healthcare costs continue to rise putting many at risk of outliving their assets.

By analyzing your cash flow situation, we are able to calculate if you’re on track for retirement so you can have that peace of mind. If you’re not on track, we can help get you there.

What is Cash Flow?

Cash flow refers to the in and out motion of money. To engage in the process of cash flow management it involves understanding the components that make up where money comes from, where it goes and what choices are appropriate to meet your lifestyle goals. It’s an active, continuous process.

How We Perform a Cash Flow Analysis

To analyze your cash flow we look at all of your income sources, fixed expenses, discretionary expenses, taxes and savings. This allows us to get a better understanding of your financial situation and gives us the ability to project future scenarios. For example, if you’re approaching retirement we can project how much money you will have during retirement and then calculate if that money will last throughout your life while factoring in future taxes, inflation and the projected rate of return on your portfolio.

Analyzing your cash flow throughout the year will help you monitor your money so you can make sure you’re bringing in more cash than you’re spending.

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