Benjamin Littman
ABOUT Benjamin

As a founding member of the firm, Ben has held various leadership positions spanning Financial Planning, Investment Management, Technology Solutions, and M&A. Ben was Pure’s first Chief Investment Officer, developing and scaling the tax overlay and trading platform, screening client accounts daily for asset location, tax loss harvesting, and rebalancing opportunities. From there he moved [...]

Pure Financial Advisors’ investment philosophy is founded upon two fundamental principles: The power of capital markets and time-tested industry research. At the core of this foundation stand seven pillars supporting our philosophy:

– A research-driven approach
– Harnessing the power of capital markets
– Investing over speculating
– Avoiding “timing the market”
– Well structure portfolio
– Tax-efficient trading
– Asset location

At Pure Financial we help set your portfolio up for success, in that we are locating assets in appropriate accounts, giving an opportunity for a higher net after-tax value over time. With years of Nobel Prize-winning research* for our clients, our financial professionals have become well-versed in the science of financial analysis.

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*1990 Nobel Prize in Economics was won by Markowitz, Miller, and Sharpe for CAPM and Modern Portfolio Theory. Subsequently, in 2013, Fama, Hansen, and Shiller won it for the 3-factor model and asset pricing analysis.