Brian Perry

In addition to overseeing Pure’s investment offering and platform, Brian works closely with Pure’s financial advisors, helping provide them with the tools and resources necessary to serve their clients and continue the firm’s mission of providing the highest quality financial education and planning to as many people as possible. He has been actively involved in [...]

Dominic Knauf, MBA, and Brian Perry, CFP®, CFA® share almost five decades of financial experience while they dissect the stock and bond markets, the outlook for inflation, and how to position your portfolio for success. Topics include:

•    Whether higher inflation is here to stay
•    How to ignore the hype and stay on track for financial success
•    Managing your emotions as well as your money

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Brian Perry talks about authoring three books on finance: Piggybank to Portfolio: A Financial Roadmap for New Investors, Retirement Revamp: Financial Planning in Times of Crisis, and his latest, Ignore the Hype: Financial Strategies Beyond the Media-Driven Mayhem.

From the market lows during the pandemic, how far up are the markets? Is the market behavior what you would’ve predicted in March of 2020?

What are your views on inflation, and what does inflation mean to investors, in real terms?

The impact of interest rates on inflation. Will we see interest rates increase?

The most common mistakes made by those who manage their own investments.

The equity markets and where they will be in the next couple of years.

Inflation and the Markets White Paper

Attendee Questions

Define “equity markets” please.

Do you recommend pulling back on your equities allocation in the next few years?

During times of uncertainty, are equal weight ETFs safer than non-weighted ETFs?

Do you see the devaluation of the dollar getting worse?

Are series I savings bonds a good investment to combat inflation?

How come you guys don’t talk about precious metals as investments?

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Read Brian Perry’s new book, Ignore the Hype: Financial Strategies Beyond the Media-Driven Mayhem


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