Brian Perry

Brian has been actively involved in the financial markets for more than 20 years and has worked as a portfolio manager, strategist, and trader. At Pure Financial Advisors, Brian uses his extensive investment background and focus on behavioral finance to help clients navigate turbulent markets and stay on course towards their financial goals. Prior to [...]

Are you concerned about entering a bear market in 2020? What are some bear market strategies to protect your overall portfolio and your retirement investments in the face of market volatility? First, we need to understand the history of bear markets and the statistics and timing of economic declines, stock market corrections, and market recoveries. Here, Pure Financial Advisors’ Director of Research, Brian Perry, CFP®, CFA® goes over:

  • the history of bear markets
  • bear market statistics
  • the causes of market declines
  • statistics and timing of declines, corrections, and recoveries
  • how bear markets are like Game of Thrones
  • signs of a bear market or recession
  • the indicators that an economic decline will become a bear market
  • why it’s so difficult to predict a bear market
  • preparing for market volatility and recession
  • the definition of an inverted yield curve
  • the gap between yield curve inversion and a recession
  • managing your investment portfolio in a bear market
  • bear market investing strategies

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In this video, Brian also mentions the Your Money, Your Wealth® podcast interview with Jonathan Clements – listen here.

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