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In addition to overseeing Pure’s investment offering and platform, Brian works closely with Pure’s financial advisors, helping provide them with the tools and resources necessary to serve their clients and continue the firm’s mission of providing the highest quality financial education and planning to as many people as possible. He has been actively involved in [...]

In this Q2 2020 quarterly market review and financial markets update, Pure Financial Advisors’ Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Brian Perry, CFP®, CFA®, provides a stock market analysis and looks at overall financial market activity in the second quarter of 2020:

Quarterly Market Summary
Long-Term Market Summary
World Stock Market Performance

Second Quarter 2020 Index Returns:
– World Asset Classes
– US Stocks
– International Developed Stocks
– Emerging Markets Stocks
– Select Market Performance
– Fixed Income

Global Fixed Income – Second Quarter 2020 Yield Curves


15:15 – The Fed met today and kept rates at record lows. What impact do you see that having on markets and the economy?

16:45 – When do you think the fed will raise rates again?

17:25 – Stocks have run up quite a bit lately and the economy is still weak. Should we be worried?

19:15 – what’s up with artificial intelligence?

20:48 – what is your take on investing in 5G technology?

21:10 – The government has run up a huge deficit responding to the coronavirus. How will that get paid back?

Politics Vs. Sound Investment Principles: does it matter whether you invest under a Republican or Democratic White House?
– Election Year Returns
– Markets have rewarded long-term investors under a variety of presidents

S&P 500 Leaders

International Equities Vs. US Equities – Comparing Valuations Around the Globe

Bad News Equals Good Results

COVID-19 Financial Planning Opportunities


42:53 – Will mortgage rates go any lower?

44:04 – Is it safe to assume that tax increases will not take place prior to 2025?

45:23 – I’m 82. Is it OK to keep leaning some of portfolio towards growth funds?

46:30 – What do you think of hedge funds?

47:45 – Is there new risk in investment grade bond funds after government stimulus propping up potentially insolvent companies?

48:39 – Do you think oil will ever return back to triple digits, or will it slowly decline as renewable resources become more prominent?

50:37 – Do you prefer EFTs or mutual funds?


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