Matthew Horsley
ABOUT Matthew

Matt Horsley has been serving individuals and families to meet their retirement, estate, investment and tax planning needs since 1993. Matt currently serves as an Investment Advisor Representative with Pure Financial Advisors, LLC where he works directly with clients to help them realize their specific financial objectives. Prior to joining Pure Financial Advisors, Matt served [...]

Matt Horsley, CFP® explains whether you need an estate plan and discusses what types of estate plans are best for your individual situation. No matter how large or modest, your estate is something that you should always have protected. Learn whether you need a will, living trust or an estate plan and find out the importance of establishing a Power of Attorney.

0:20 “What type of estate plan do you need? That depends on what type of assets you have.”

0:25 “If you’re younger and have liquid assets of less than $150,000, chances are that a simple Will will suffice.

0:50 “If you’re married, have kids, own a piece of property and/or have liquid assets of $150,000 here in the state of California, you likely need to have what’s called a living trust established.”

1:48 “The last two documents that everybody needs, regardless of the size of the assets you have, are Financial Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney.”