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In addition to overseeing Pure’s investment offering and platform, Brian works closely with Pure’s financial advisors, helping provide them with the tools and resources necessary to serve their clients and continue the firm’s mission of providing the highest quality financial education and planning to as many people as possible. He has been actively involved in [...]

Market update, commentary, and answers to client questions from Tuesday, April 7, 2020 with Pure Financial Advisors’ Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Brian Perry, CFP®, CFA and special guest, Apollo Lupescu, PhD, Vice President of Dimensional Fund Advisors.

00:00 – Introduction

Apollo Lupescu Interview:

02:28 – The human element: how are investors feeling about financial markets these days?

09:05 – The underlying structure of the financial markets and the overall health of the financial system: how are markets functioning under all the stress?

14:31 – Can we look to the past for guidance and lessons on how to cope with the current situation?

24:48 – Stocks are down. What’s happened in the past when markets have fallen?

36:02 – Rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting

Attendee Questions:

38:46 – The market has seemed to ignore the national nebt.  The debt is increasing rapidly, especially these days.  What will happen when/if the market starts paying attention to the debt?

43:03 – As part of rebalancing portfolios, is there consideration for overweighting sectors that “should” rebound after being beaten down more than perceived value and incorporating risk of things like bankruptcy?

44:08 – The S&P 500 index is now down 17.6% year-to-date after yesterday’s 7% gain.  Our portfolio is only 40% Equity and 60% Fixed and our combined portfolio (including cash holdings) is still down 12.3% (since 2/21/20) after yesterday’s market close.  What has been happening to the Fixed investment side?

51:35 – With people staying in place and not planning travel in the near future or even forego travel for years. What do you see the travel and leisure industries performing in this situation? What do you foresee happening in the real estate market in the near term?  Is this a poor time to think about purchasing a home? What sectors do you see performing best over the next 12-24 months?

57:24 – What strategies should be employed if inflation, which we haven’t seen much of during the past few years, rears its head? What’s your sense of inflation becoming an issue?

59:21 – Close

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