Understanding Medicare Series: Part 2

Jason Thomas, CFP® goes over the A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s of Medicare. Learn about the Medicare parts to find the best option for you.

Part 3: Common Medicare Mistakes to Avoid


0:25 How do you qualify for Medicare

0:30 How Medicare is funded

0:46 Medicare Part A

1:05 Medicare Part B

1:43 Medicare Part C / Advantage

2:06 Medicare Part D / Prescription

3:06 Original Medicare

3:20 Original Medicare Costs

3:40 Medigap

4:40 Original Medicare Drug Coverage

5:50 Prescription Drug Costs

6:22 Stages of Drug Coverage

7:57 The Donut Hole

9:05 Medicare Advantage

11:35 Medicare Advantage Annual Out-of-Pocket Expense

12:58 Medicare Advantage Enrollment & Disenrollment Periods

13:20 Types of Medicare Advantage

14:33 Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage

16:30 How to Enroll in Medicare