Jason has been involved in the financial services industry as an advisor and financial educator for more than ten years. Prior to joining Pure Financial Advisors, Jason taught in the Financial Planning program at the University of Redlands and helped design a similar program at Grantham University. He is especially happy to see former students [...]

Understanding Medicare Series: Part 2

Jason Thomas, CFP® goes over the A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s of Medicare. Learn about the Medicare parts to find the best option for you.

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Part 3: Common Medicare Mistakes to Avoid


0:25 How do you qualify for Medicare

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 11.13.29 AM.png0:30 How Medicare is funded

0:46 Medicare Part A

1:05 Medicare Part B

1:43 Medicare Part C / Advantage

2:06 Medicare Part D / Prescription

3:06 Original Medicare

3:20 Original Medicare Costs

3:40 Medigap

4:40 Original Medicare Drug Coverage

5:50 Prescription Drug Costs

6:22 Stages of Drug Coverage

7:57 The Donut Hole

9:05 Medicare Advantage

11:35 Medicare Advantage Annual Out-of-Pocket Expense

12:58 Medicare Advantage Enrollment & Disenrollment Periods

13:20 Types of Medicare Advantage

14:33 Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage

16:30 How to Enroll in Medicare