Joe Anderson
ABOUT Joseph

As President of Pure Financial Advisors, Joe Anderson has led the company to achieve over $2 billion in assets under management and has grown their client base to over 2,160 in just ten years of the firm opening. When Joe began working with Pure Financial in 2008, they had almost no clients, negative revenue and no [...]

Alan Clopine

Alan Clopine is the CEO & CFO of Pure Financial Advisors. As CEO he currently leads Pure Financial Advisors along with our executive team. As CFO he is responsible for the financial operations of the company. Alan joined the firm about one year after it was established. At that time the company had less than [...]

Joe and Big Al go over four different ways to invest: individual positions, retail mutual funds, index funds, ETFs and evidence-based institutional funds.

0:20 “When you get into the asset classes, a way you could invest is that you could have individual stocks”

0:32 “Retail mutual funds would be the next way to go, and we believe that’s better because now you’re more diversified but there tends to be a problem: a lot of retail mutual funds are very expensive; they have a lot of high internal costs, some even have load fees to get in the first place”

0:45 “Index funds and ETFs are definitely a better choice, you’re still very well diversified and they tend to be very low cost”

1:14 “If you’re an index fund, an ETF or institutional type fund, you’re going to be a lot lower cost, a lot happier with your rate of return over time”