What is Portfolio Diversification?

Many established investors are familiar with the advantages of portfolio diversification, although those relatively new to investing may ask themselves, “What is portfolio diversification?” Like many things in life or in finance, portfolio diversification is easier to understand than to implement effectively. Investors often make mistakes that can prove costly and impede their long-term financial goals. You’ll learn from this post several… Read more

Benefits of Rebalancing Your Portfolio

 Many investors diligently save a portion of their income over extended periods of time. They also put a significant amount of effort into deciding which investments are appropriate for their needs. They potentially watch programs in the financial media, subscribe to publications, chat with their friends at the water cooler, and maybe even hire the services of a professional at some… Read more

Why Portfolio Management is Important

All the investments you hold together make up your portfolio. This can include a variety of asset classes. Two individuals with different investment objectives are likely to have large differences in their portfolio – this isn’t all that surprising. Unexpectedly, people with similar investment objectives often have substantially different portfolios due to differences in style of management and the types of asset… Read more

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Social Security and Retirement: Everything You Should Know

In our previous blogs we have covered the basics of Social Security, let’s move on to some Social Security and retirement strategies that can help you maximize your benefits. When Should You Start Taking Social Security Benefits? One of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make as a retiree is the choice about when to start taking Social Security benefits.… Read more

Is Social Security considered income

Is Social Security Considered Income?

Retirement can be an exciting, yet daunting adventure. You have received an income for most of your life and now you will have to live the next 20-30 years without a direct income from employment. And how does Social Security play into the equation? Is Social Security considered income? How is it taxed? Even though the rules may seem confusing, we will… Read more

How Social Security Works

Currently, there are over 67 million people receiving Social Security benefits.1 Additionally, there are 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every single day for the next 12 years.2 This is going to put some strain on Social Security when it comes to your claiming strategies, but we are going to break down exactly how Social Security works, how it started, and who is… Read more

what does risk management entail

What is Risk Management?

If you’d like to understand what risk management entails, a good starting point is to define risk itself. Put simply, risk is the possibility of loss. We experience risk in a variety of forms in our everyday lives. We risk losing additional time if we take an alternate route to work. We risk missing out on positive outcomes when we opt not… Read more

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Types of Risk Management Strategies

Types of Risk Management

We all understand there is risk in the world. Those of us who are investors are also aware that risk exists in our portfolio as well. Put simply, risk is the possibility of loss. When we think of loss as an investor, we often think of the principal value of what we own decreasing in value, but this type of risk (called… Read more

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Why financial risk management is important

Why Risk Management is Important

 Why Risk Management is Important Risk Management is a term most frequently associated with large businesses due to its crucial importance for corporations. However, risk management activities are just as vital when it comes to personal finances. By definition, risk management is the process of understanding, analyzing and addressing potential risks to ensure objectives are achieved. Sounds simple enough, but why… Read more

5 Reasons to Update Your Will

Once you’ve drafted your will, it’s easy to just forget about it and think you’re all prepared for the future. But often, that won’t be the case, as there could be several events that occur during your life that will make it necessary for you to update your will. Having a will in the first place is a good start, as most… Read more

Essential Estate Planning Documents

Forming an effective estate plan can involve many documents. These essential estate planning documents can fall into several categories including Personal Financial Medical documents Some may require the assistance of an estate planning attorney for consultation or preparation. Others will simply require that you have them readily available when needed. Let’s examine some of these items to see which may be relevant… Read more

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What is Asset Allocation?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What is asset allocation and how do I use it in my portfolio?” Well, first let’s start at the beginning. Common investing practices usually include stock picking and attempting to time the markets in order to drive returns. This method opens investors to unnecessary risk. Alternatively, decades of time-tested financial research and performance shows that an… Read more

Why is Investing Important?

Investing is important to individuals and societies for many reasons. Before diving into the details, it might make sense to define what investing is. No other word is so often adopted as a description for other activities. What is considered investing? Commonly people refer to their investments when they are discussing saving, speculating, spending, consuming, donating or other activities. These acts have… Read more

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Are Investments Tax Deductible?

Are investments tax deductible? In general, the answer is no because an investment is an asset. Investing is purchasing an asset that you’re hoping will go up in value. For example, you buy Apple stock for a couple thousand dollars and hold it for a few years and then it’s worth $3,000. Now you want to sell it because it’s at a… Read more

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