Types of Risk Management Strategies

Types of Risk Management

We all understand there is risk in the world. Those of us who are investors are also aware that risk exists in our portfolio as well. Put simply, risk is the possibility of loss. When we think of loss as an investor, we often think of the principal value of what we own decreasing in value, but this type of risk (called… Read more

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Why financial risk management is important

Why Risk Management is Important

Why Risk Management is Important Risk Management is a term most frequently associated with large businesses due to its crucial importance for corporations. However, risk management activities are just as vital when it comes to personal finances. By definition, risk management is the process of understanding, analyzing and addressing potential risks to ensure objectives are achieved. Sounds simple enough, but why is… Read more

5 Reasons to Update Your Will

Once you’ve drafted your will, it’s easy to just forget about it and think you’re all prepared for the future. But often, that won’t be the case, as there could be several events that occur during your life that will make it necessary for you to update your will. Having a will in the first place is a good start, as most… Read more

Essential Estate Planning Documents

Forming an effective estate plan can involve many documents. These essential estate planning documents can fall into several categories including Personal Financial Medical documents Some may require the assistance of an estate planning attorney for consultation or preparation. Others will simply require that you have them readily available when needed. Let’s examine some of these items to see which may be relevant… Read more

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What is Asset Allocation?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What is asset allocation and how do I use it in my portfolio?” Well, first let’s start at the beginning. Common investing practices usually include stock picking and attempting to time the markets in order to drive returns. This method opens investors to unnecessary risk. Alternatively, decades of time-tested financial research and performance shows that an… Read more

Why is Investing Important?

Investing is important to individuals and societies for many reasons. Before diving into the details, it might make sense to define what investing is. No other word is so often adopted as a description for other activities. What is considered investing? Commonly people refer to their investments when they are discussing saving, speculating, spending, consuming, donating or other activities. These acts have… Read more

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Are Investments Tax Deductible?

Are investments tax deductible? In general, the answer is no because an investment is an asset. Investing is purchasing an asset that you’re hoping will go up in value. For example, you buy Apple stock for a couple thousand dollars and hold it for a few years and then it’s worth $3,000. Now you want to sell it because it’s at a… Read more

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What Should Be Included in a Will?

What Should Be Included in a Will?

In its most basic form, a will is a document that states what you would like to happen when you die. There are some things that should be included in a will as well as a few things to avoid. As with any legal document, you’ll want to rely on the guidance and assistance of your attorney. It is important to know… Read more

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Estate Planning Costs

How Much Does Estate Planning Cost?

Those of you who are considering planning for your estate may wonder how much to budget for the cost of assorted services including but not limited to drafting related documents. Tasks with Little or No Associated Costs Although many of the estate planning tasks you engage in will have associated fees, it is important to mention those related tasks that have minimal… Read more

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Why Estate Planning Is Important

16 Reasons Why Estate Planning Is Important

Despite the fancy-sounding title, estate planning is not just for the rich and wealthy. In fact, the term “estate” might not mean what you think it does at all. When it comes down to it, deciding who will inherit your estate is a big decision and an important part of life planning. Smart estate planning helps protect families with young children as… Read more

Investing After Retirement

Investing After Retirement Strategies

Many investors have put less thought into investing after retirement than they have into planning their investments leading up to retirement. Some investors may even believe that the entire process of investing is something that ends once they have retired, although this is not the case for most. Almost all investors will have different objectives in retirement that will become more of… Read more

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Why Retirement Planning Is Important

9 Reasons Why Retirement Planning Is Important

Retirement is something that’s fairly easy to put off and worry about later, especially when you are young. After all, everything will sort itself out in the end, right? Well… what if it doesn’t? What’s your plan then? That’s the problem with that strategy — often life won’t work out the way you planned. And if it doesn’t, you’ll put yourself and… Read more

Retirement Planning Checklist

The Ultimate Retirement Planning Checklist

As you approach retirement, there are many issues to consider. This retirement planning checklist will help you get on the right track for a secure retirement. Plan for Free Time Sometimes the non-financial aspects of retirement are a greater challenge than the monetary issues. While you can have a realistic assessment of where you are financially, it can often be difficult to… Read more

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