Joe Anderson
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As CEO and President, Joe Anderson has created a unique, ambitious business model utilizing advanced service, training, sales, and marketing strategies to grow Pure Financial Advisors into the trustworthy, client-focused company it is today. Pure Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), was ranked 15 out of 100 top ETF Power Users by RIA channel (2023), was [...]

Alan Clopine

Alan Clopine is the Executive Chairman of Pure Financial Advisors, LLC (Pure). He has been an executive leader of the Company for over a decade, including CFO, CEO, and Chairman. Alan joined the firm in 2008, about one year after it was established. In his tenure at Pure, the firm has grown from approximately $50 [...]

In this episode short, Joe and Big Al show you how much of your income is projected to be spent on healthcare. Rising healthcare costs are one of the biggest pieces of the retirement puzzle, causing many people to have retirement shortfalls.

Transcription: “In 2000, 16% of someone’s total income was going to healthcare. If you look at 2030, it’s going to be 35%. That’s the point, is that the cost of healthcare is going to increase so you want to make sure you’re aware of that. It’s going to take some 35% of your overall income! And in the next slide we’ll show the percentage of your income. So, lower income individuals are going to have most of their income going to healthcare. The difference between 2000 and 2030, look at that, in the bottom quartile of wage earners or retirees’ income, 20% of your expenses were healthcare in 2000 and in 2030 it’s projected to be 50%. So this is what we’re seeing in each of the categories; there are more and more spending required for healthcare.”

**Source: Center for Retirement Research