Joe Anderson
ABOUT Joseph

As CEO and President, Joe Anderson has created a unique, ambitious business model utilizing advanced service, training, sales, and marketing strategies to grow Pure Financial Advisors into the trustworthy, client-focused company it is today. Pure Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), was ranked 15 out of 100 top ETF Power Users by RIA channel (2023), was [...]

Alan Clopine

Alan Clopine is the Executive Chairman of Pure Financial Advisors, LLC (Pure). He has been an executive leader of the Company for over a decade, including CFO, CEO, and Chairman. Alan joined the firm in 2008, about one year after it was established. In his tenure at Pure, the firm has grown from approximately $50 [...]

Find out the contribution limits for contributing to a Roth IRA and the importance of understanding taxes during retirement.

0:07 “You can contribute to a Roth IRA which is 5500 per year or 6500 if you’re 50 or older”

0:20 “A lot of you guys have 401(k)s or 403(b)s that have Roth provisions that will allow you to make contributions into these plans”

0:36 “You can do a Roth contribution as well as your 401(k) or 403(b)”

0:44 “You don’t have to be working to do a Roth conversion”

0:54 “When you’re talking about tax-free income during retirement, it doesn’t get any better than that”

1:27 “When you look at a retirement income strategy, people ignore taxes because for years people thought they would be in a lower tax bracket and we are finding that today it is not the case for people who have saved”