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Only 60% of those ages 55-64 have a retirement plan.1 A lot of people will have to play catch-up when it comes to saving for retirement. Find out how to calculate your retirement “number,” or how much you’ll need to sustain your ideal retirement lifestyle and what steps you can take to get there if you’re behind. Understand the power of compound interest, saving early and the potential benefits of delaying your retirement.

Important Points:

1:38 “Only 60% of those (age 55-64) actually have a retirement plan.” (Source: National Institute on Retirement Security)

3:25 “What is your saving target? How much do you need to save, how much do you need to have in the bank, how much should you have invested to make this work?”

3:59 “We’re going to show you why delaying your retirement for a year or two, even five years can make a gigantic difference in the quality of life in your retirement years.”

6:17 “That’s the 4% rule, which simply means that you take your portfolio and you can take out about 4% per year – there are a lot of caveats.”

10:19 “Waiting until age 70 to start collecting Social Security will increase my monthly benefit by about 32% vs. collecting at full retirement age. That is absolutely true, and not necessarily widely known. Full retirement age is 66….it does pay to wait.”

11:46 “I would say no more than 2% of your overall portfolio should be in gold, because gold does not have an expected rate of return – it does not grow.”

15:23 “If you’re 40 or 50 years old and can start maxing out some plans, the compound interest is pretty amazing.”

19:50 “With delaying your retirement, there are lot of added benefits.”

21:54 “You don’t necessarily want to get tied up in one specific asset class.”

22:12 “People have recency bias; they continue to buy what has performed well in the past…you want to make sure you have assets across the board.”

Source: National Institute on Retirement Security

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