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Michael from

Michael from

At just 36 years old, Michael achieved FIRE* and retired early from a career in I.T.  Now Michael lives life on his own terms as a stay-at-home Dad, financial blogger/coach, and entrepreneur.  His mission is to share the exciting and growing FIRE* movement with young professionals.  Michael blogs at where he discusses the strategies and mindset needed to catch FIRE*.

*FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retirement Early

Michael's Latest Contributions

How to Be Financially Alert and on FIRE at Age 36, Even With Market Volatility

Michael from reached FIRE at age 36 (that’s Financial Independence / Retire Early). He shares his inspiring success story of how being financially alert allowed him to transition from small business entrepreneur to stay-at-home Dad and FIRE blogger with a growing net worth of over $2M – and how he can coach you to FIRE too. Plus, market volatility is back, but Chuck Norris… Read more

Guest:  Michael from Your Money, Your Wealth guest Michael Hall

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