Joe Anderson
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As CEO and President, Joe Anderson has created a unique, ambitious business model utilizing advanced service, training, sales, and marketing strategies to grow Pure Financial Advisors into the trustworthy, client-focused company it is today. Pure Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), was ranked 15 out of 100 top ETF Power Users by RIA channel (2023), was [...]

Alan Clopine

Alan Clopine is the Executive Chairman of Pure Financial Advisors, LLC (Pure). He has been an executive leader of the Company for over a decade, including CFO, CEO, and Chairman. Alan joined the firm in 2008, about one year after it was established. In his tenure at Pure, the firm has grown from approximately $50 [...]

Published On
January 9, 2016

Your hosts, Joe and Big Al discuss the current state of the market and look back on 2015’s performance. How should you react to volatile markets? Big Al quizzes you on your retirement knowledge by covering taxes, Social Security, employee-sponsored savings plans and more.

2:22 “There’s bear markets, there’s bull markets and there’s volatile markets. Right now we’re definitely in a volatile market”

5:50 “Oil was one of the biggest market stories in 2015, and it’s a reasonable bet that the commodity will recover off its multi-year lows in 2016”

10:30 “Let’s take a quiz, let’s see how prepared you are for retirement”

11:33 “The earliest you can take your retirement benefit is age 62, the latest that you should take it is age 70”

14:25 “Even if your 401(k) fees seem small, they can have a big impact over time”

17:55 “I think a lot of people don’t realize they can reduce their taxes; it’s such a big mistake not to realize that you have some control over your taxes”

23:39 “You can collect Social Security benefits if you’re still working, however if you do take your benefits prior to full retirement age and you’re still working, they’re going to take some of that benefit back”

23:59 “In most cases it doesn’t make sense to claim your Social Security benefits early while you’re still working”

28:51 “You want to have some safety [in your investments], and in some cases some of you need a lot of safety because you’ll need income over several years”

32:15 “Two-thirds of you are retiring sooner than you expected”