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August 20, 2016

Joe and Al shed light on scary statistics regarding the rise of healthcare costs and share strategies to show how listeners can protect themselves. Later in the hour the discussion flips to retirement planning and how traditional retirement has changed over the years.

1:43 “The typical inflation rate has been around 3% historically; we use about 3.7% to be conservative. Medically right we do about 5.7% because that’s what it’s been growing at.”

2:55 “If you want to get an hour full of Medicare [education] go to and check out our recent webinar.”

5:33 “A lot of people don’t realize that Medicare does not cover [all] long-term care stays.”

webinar cta

9:00 “Age 70 ½ is when you have to start taking your required minimum distribution out of your IRA and 401(k).”

15:45 “When it comes to parents’ children and how much they’re spending on athletics…how much are they spending?”

25:25 “A 25% tax bracket means you pull $100,000 out of your IRA and you pay $25,000 in tax.”

29:10 “You have to make sure you understand what’s going to come to you as a guaranteed income source.”

30:59 “When we’re trying to reduce taxes in retirement, probably one of the first things you have to know is your tax bracket.”