Cubert works a full-time job in IT management and has a side gig operating five rental houses, one of which is an Airbnb condo. His family lives below their means with two paid-off cars in the garage and a cozy 1,400 square foot home.

Cubert blogs on, writing about his journey towards early retirement. He’ll be 46 when the bell rings in late 2019! At that point, Cubert plans to serve his community, manage his rentals, and maybe take a few naps on the side.

Cubert, his wife of 12 years, and two kids (twins!) live in Minnesota, where the weather runs decent to ice-box, the people are kind, and craft beers thrive. Cubert enjoys riding his bike to work at least two or three times a week. Those 10 miles each way are a fun way to enjoy summer, while it lasts?

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