Andi Last brings over 30 years of broadcasting, media, and marketing experience to Pure Financial Advisors. She is the producer of the Your Money, Your Wealth® podcast, radio show, and TV show and manages the firm’s YouTube channels.

Prior to joining Pure, Andi was Media Operations Manager for a San Diego-based financial services firm with a long-running, nationally syndicated financial advice TV and radio show. While living in Australia, Andi was the Operations Manager for the media branch of an international non-profit organization examining global sustainability challenges and responses.

Andi gratefully serves on the all-volunteer board of directors of Living LFS, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization supporting those with Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS), a rare genetic predisposition to developing cancer.

Andi enjoys still photography, and her photos have appeared in national publications and on a Grammy-nominated record.

Andi and her husband Jay have been together since 2010. Sharing a passion for music, they produced and recorded a house concert series featuring live performances by professional touring musicians. The Lasts also play music themselves: their band has played ’60s garage rock for audiences of three in their living room, and tens of people have watched their music videos on YouTube.


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