Joe Anderson, CFP® and President of Pure Financial was recently interviewed by Mint to share his financial planning expertise. In the interview, Joe explains why it’s important for Pure Financial to be accessible to a variety of income levels.

“There are thousands of baby boomers turning 65 every day for the next several years and most are unprepared to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to,” he says. “There is also a lack of advice for individuals that don’t have substantial assets, where we feel that they need the most help.”

Joe later dives into investment practices where he explains Pure’s investment philosophy and shares his favorite types of investments. When asked about common money mistakes, Joe discussed the pitfalls of using emotion to dictate investments and explained that most people do things backwards when it comes to their financial plans. It’s important to always start with a clear idea of your goals then implement a constant changing plan to meet your objectives.

Goals don’t change often, but your surroundings are always arbitrary. Tax laws change, the market is volatile, events affect the economy, etc. To make sure you’re on track and maintaining discipline, you should revisit your plan three times a year.

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