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What is the best age to retire? Certainly, the answer depends on many personal factors but for more and more people there are an increasing number of reasons to delay retirement until they reach 70-years-old. Financial experts Joe and Al break down the reasons for delaying retirement, so you can determine the right age of retirement for you.

1. More Retirement Savings
2. Increased Social Security Benefits
3. Greater Longevity

Pure Financial’s Senior Financial Planner, Mike Bernier, puts Joe’s knowledge of Social Security benefit facts to the test. Watch to see who wins the latest financial feud.

Important Points:

1:14 – Financial Focus: Life expectancies are increasing so we have to focus on longevity

2:40 – The Benefits of Retiring at 70: More retirement savings, increased Social Security benefits, greater longevity

3:44 – 86% can expect a more comfortable retirement by delaying retirement to age 70

4:53 – Why you may be able to save more by delaying retirement to age 70

5:37 – The difference it can make to delay your retirement by just a few years

7:57 – According to a recent Gallup survey, nearly 60% of all seniors rely on Social Security to be a “major” part of their monthly income. True or False?

9:57 – Social security statistics

11:57 – Financial Feud: 10 Question Social Security Quiz

21:52 – The Social Security Administration considers 66 to be the full retirement age for collecting benefits. True or False?

22:30 – Email Question #1: My ex-husband is 63-years-old and already taking his Social Security benefits. Will that impact how much I can receive in benefits since I never remarried?

23:36 – Email Question #2: I’m 59-years-old and in relatively good health. Is it a better investment for me to buy long-term health insurance or a life insurance policy? It is important to me to leave my assets to my children.

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