5 Reasons to Update Your Will

Once you’ve drafted your will, it’s easy to just forget about it and think you’re all prepared for the future. But often, that won’t be the case, as there could be several events that occur during your life that will make it necessary for you to update your will.

Having a will in the first place is a good start, … Read more

What Should Be Included in a Will?

What Should Be Included in a Will?

In its most basic form, a will is a document that states what you would like to happen when you die. There are some things that should be included in a will as well as a few things to avoid. As with any legal document, you’ll want to rely on the guidance and assistance of your attorney. It is important … Read more

Jason Thomas
Why Estate Planning Is Important

16 Reasons Why Estate Planning Is Important

Despite the fancy-sounding title, estate planning is not just for the rich and wealthy. In fact, the term “estate” might not mean what you think it does at all.

When it comes down to it, deciding who will inherit your estate is a big decision and an important part of life planning. Smart estate planning helps protect families with young … Read more