What is Asset Allocation?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What is asset allocation and how do I use it in my portfolio?” Well, first let’s start at the beginning. Common investing practices usually include stock picking and attempting to time the markets in order to drive returns. This method opens investors to unnecessary risk. Alternatively, decades of time-tested financial research and performance shows … Read more

Should I start investing

Should I Be Investing?

A very common question many people ask is, “What should I be investing? What should I be saving and putting into a money market account or a CD?” It depends on your goals, your time horizon, and tolerance for risk.


So the question of the day is, Should I be investing?”

And the answer is No.

All right, obviously … Read more

Are Investments Tax Deductible?

Are investments tax deductible?

In general, the answer is no because an investment is an asset.

Investing is purchasing an asset that you’re hoping will go up in value. For example, you buy Apple stock for a couple thousand dollars and hold it for a few years and then it’s worth $3,000.

Now you want to sell it because it’s … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine

10 Tax Efficiency Tips You Should Know

We have a brand-new Federal income tax law which commenced on January 1, 2018, called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017”. If you’re trying to figure out how to minimize your tax liability given this new tax law, you’re not alone. To give you a head start, here are 10 tax efficiency strategies to pay less in taxes; … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine
Benefits of Early Retirement Planning

7 Benefits of Retirement Planning

There are several benefits of retirement planning that range from both financial to personal and psychological. Let’s look at seven common reasons why planning for your retirement can work for you.

1. Peace of Mind

This is by far one of the most important benefits of retirement planning. Planning ahead not only reduces your stress during retirement but also … Read more

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Tax Deferred Retirement Plan

What Is a Tax Deferred Retirement Plan?

You may have heard certain retirement plans referred to as “tax-deferred,” but what is a tax deferred retirement plan? Before deciding how these accounts may fit into your overall retirement savings, you’ll want to understand what tax deferral means, how it compares to other types of retirement accounts, and what some of the other features of tax-deferred accounts are. Once … Read more

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Ditch Your Debt: Join the Student Loan Debt Movement

The Student Loan Debt Movement: Robert Farrington from TheCollegeInvestor.com has a goal of helping people eliminate a million bucks in student loan debt. Join the movement, ditch your debt and win prizes! Plus, Americans have reached record-breaking net worth – but which Americans? And, 4 ways you might be attracting a tax audit without knowing it.

Show Notes

  • (01:24) Americans’
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Guest:  Robert Farrington The College Investor Robert Farrington

Podcast #161

10 Commandments of Retirement from The Retirement Manifesto

Fritz Gilbert from TheRetirementManifesto.com shares his 10 Commandments for Retirement – well actually it’s 11, but that extra one is important! Plus, Big Al has 10 ways you can pay less in taxes this year, and in future years. And Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs have set off more market moves, but could they also jack up the price of Read more

Guest:  Fritz Gilbert The Retirement Manifesto Founder, Fritz Gilbert

Podcast #160
Tax Deferral Strategies

Top Tax Deferral Strategies

What are Tax Deferral Strategies?

Tax deferral means taking a deduction and moving it into an earlier year or deferring some income to a later year. You are not really reducing your overall taxes, but you are getting a benefit up front. If you do these tax deferral strategies year after year and pay less in taxes up front, you … Read more

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Pay Off Debt, Starve and Stack, Retire Rich & Happy

How to retire rich & happy: the two income starve-and-stack strategy, losing the ego, and the Pay Off Debt by Jackie Beck app. Oh, and Rondo soda pop, and never saying the word “tissue.” Joe and Big Al also talk a bit about retirement readiness and taxes before Al heads to Chile leaving poor Jason Thomas to talk ego and … Read more

Guest:  Jackie Beck Your Money, Your Wealth guest Jackie Beck

Podcast #157