Tax Checklist

Did you know that tax planning and strategy implementation needs to occur prior to December 31st? Most tax strategies are only available during the tax year so don’t wait!

This tax checklist covers the important tax items that you need to collect and strategies you might want to implement before the year-end – updated with the new rules from the … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine

Your 2018 Taxes: 10 Ways to Prepare and Save

2018 taxes will be very different than previous years. We’ve got 10 ways to make sure you’re properly prepared, and perhaps even reduce your 2018 tax burden. Plus, we talk about the benefits of Roth IRAs quite a bit – when might Roths be WRONG for you? And is it nuts to go with CDs in a traditional IRA?


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Tax Reform: 2017 Year-End Planning

Tax Reform: 2017 Year-End Planning

Tax Reform Bill as of December 14, 2017

With the ever-changing tax reform, make sure you prepare ahead of time. Don’t be blindsided by the potential changes that tax reform could bring. Alan Clopine, CPA walks you through critical year-end tax planning strategies that you might want to implement before 2018.


“There’s a final Republican tax bill. House and … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine
Tax Reform: The Final Republican Tax Bill

Tax Reform: The Final Republican Tax Bill

What’s Known as of December 14, 2017

Tax reform has been changing constantly and we have the latest up to date news. The Republicans have finalized their tax bill as of December 14, 2017. Here’s what they decided on:

– Party leaders in the House and Senate reconcile their competing tax bills
– Final vote is aimed for before … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine

What You Need To Know Before You Buy or Sell Gold

Peter Hug from Kitco describes the four types of people that buy precious metals, how to best buy and sell silver and gold yourself, and whether these commodities are similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Blockchain. Joe and Big Al talk permanent vs term life insurance and tax reform. Plus, holiday gift ideas to transform the quality of life for … Read more

Guest:  Peter Hug Peter Hug

Podcast #145

Trump Tax Reform: More Jobs, Fairer Taxes, Bigger Paychecks?

Will the changes to tax brackets, deductions, exemptions, the alternative minimum tax, estate tax, individual taxes, small business taxes, corporate taxes and expenses in Donald Trump’s “Unified Framework For Fixing Our Broken Tax Code” proposal provide more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks as promised? Plus, Important Steps to Take in the Last 10 Years Before Retiring, and the financial … Read more

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