How to Capitalize on the Goldilocks Economy in 2018

Brian Perry, CFP®, CFA® from Pure Financial Advisors recaps 2017’s global Goldilocks economy. Will the bull run continue in 2018? Should we change our asset allocation to prepare our stock and bond portfolios for a market slow down? Are you properly allocated? What would Jim Cramer do, and should you care?! Plus, tax filing season is approaching, and Big Al’s … Read more

Guest:  Brian Perry Brian Perry

Podcast #149
What are stocks and bonds?

What exactly are stocks and bonds?

Let’s get back to the basics. Stocks and bonds are both instruments used by companies to raise capital. But what exactly does that mean and how are stocks and bonds different? Nathan Ritchison, CFP® walks you through the differences between stocks and bonds and the risk factors of both.

“Sometimes in my client meetings I get questions about or … Read more

Nathaniel RitchisonNathaniel Ritchison

Is Stock Picking Dying Because There Are Fewer Stocks?

Financial researcher Larry Swedroe offers several reasons you may not be getting the returns you’ve enjoyed in the past, and he challenges Jason Zweig’s assertion in the Wall Street Journal that it’s because there are fewer stocks to choose from. Plus, 4 Ways To Reduce RMD Taxes – what are QCDs and QLACs, anyway? And, can you retire at 60 … Read more

Guest:  Larry Swedroe Larry Swedroe

Podcast #122

Third Quarter Market Review [Webcast]

Emerging markets and international developed stocks came out on top last quarter. In this short market recap, Joe Anderson, CFP® takes a look back at what happened in Q3.

  • Market Summary
  • World Market Performance
  • World Asset Classes
  • US Stocks
  • International Developed Stocks
  • Emerging Markets
  • Country Performance
  • Commodities
  • Fixed Income
  • Global Diversification
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Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

Larry Swedroe joins Bobby Gahvari, CFP® and Joe Anderson, CFP® to talk about the latest in the markets. Larry explains why oil prices have dropped and why it’s not a bad thing. He also gives advice on whether or not to time the market. Joe and Bobby finish off this hour by discussing how retirement has changed in the last … Read more

Guest:  Larry Swedroe Larry Swedroe

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 1

Are we about to enter a Bear Market? With the Chinese markets, the price of Bonds, rising interest rates and the cost of oil going down, what does all this mean for you and how can you take advantage of it? Joe and Al give you the information you need & suggest critical steps to take toward financial success.

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mike bernier

How Many Stocks Should I Have in my Portfolio?

Mike Bernier, CFP® tells you how many stocks you should have in your portfolio.


“Hi, I’m Mike Bernier, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Pure Financial Advisors, and welcome to the Question of the Week. This week’s question is: How many stocks should I hold in my portfolio?

There’s not one correct answer to this question, some believe 20 or 30 … Read more

Mike BernierMike Bernier

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

Joe and Al discuss a recent MarketWatch article about 7 demands you should be making of your portfolio. Toward the end of the show, find out how to prepare for the worst financially so that you can bounce back quickly and enjoy the retirement lifestyle you worked your whole life for.

4:11 “You never really know how things are going … Read more

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 1

What is the fiduciary standard and why is it so important?  Find out the pros and cons of fiduciaries and how they affect you. Also, special guest Larry Swedroe joins the show to explain why dividend paying stocks may not be your best investment. Like other popular strategies, dividend paying stocks could lead to negative expected returns in the future. … Read more

Guest:  Larry Swedroe Larry Swedroe