Portfolio Diversification Using Factor-Based Investing

Whether Social Security will be around when you need it – or not. Tax planning if you’re a millionaire or just want to be one. And how to really diversify that investment portfolio. This is Your Money, Your Wealth.

Today on Your Money Your Wealth, Larry Swedroe from Buckingham Strategic Wealth discusses factor-based investing and explains the difference … Read more

Guest:  Larry Swedroe Larry Swedroe

Podcast #104 :

Interview with Douglas P. McCormick

Douglas P. McCormick joins Joe & Al to discuss the framework and premise of his book Family, Inc.: Using Business Principles to Maximize Your Family’s Wealth. Also in this hour: Social Security changes for 2017 + answers to financial questions.

6:27 Start of Interview with Douglas P. McCormick

Joe: (6:57) “Tell us a little bit about yourself and what … Read more

Guest:  Douglas P. McCormick douglas p. mccormick

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