Portfolio Diversification Using Factor-Based Investing

Whether Social Security will be around when you need it – or not. Tax planning if you’re a millionaire or just want to be one. And how to really diversify that investment… Read more

Guest: Larry Swedroe

Podcast #104 :

Interview with Douglas P. McCormick

Douglas P. McCormick joins Joe & Al to discuss the framework and premise of his book Family, Inc.: Using Business Principles to Maximize Your Family’s Wealth. Also in this hour: Social Security changes… Read more

Guest: Douglas P. McCormick

Hour 2

Your Email Questions Answered

Would contributions to a traditional IRA reduce your tax burden? How do you start saving money at a young age & what are the benefits of a Roth IRA? Find out the… Read more

Hour 2

What is the Social Security Spousal Benefit?

What is the Social Security spousal benefit? Joe and Big Al explain this as well as dive into reverse mortgages to cover how your home equity could help you in retirement. 2:57 “If… Read more

Hour 1

Social Security Strategies Explained

Hosts discuss Social Security strategies for couples claiming spousal benefits as well as strategies for single people to consider. “Big Al” closes the hour discussing the downsides of annuities. 2:25 “Many Americans… Read more

Hour 1

The Best Time to Start Taking Social Security

Most women take their Social Security benefits early causing them to lose out on an increased benefit amount. Joe and Al discuss Social Security claiming strategies so you can get the most… Read more

Hour 1

Social Security Changes: Are You Grandfathered In?

The new Social Security rules have eliminated the Restricted Application claiming strategy, but there are still some that can take advantage of this “claim now, claim more later” rule (file and suspend… Read more

Hour 1

New Retirement Proposals Could Be Costly for High Earners

A 146-page report from the Bipartisan Policy Center was released last week and a lot of high earners aren’t going to like it. One of the proposals is to shore up Social… Read more

Hour 1

Maximizing Social Security Benefit under New Rules

Social Security changes are now in effect; hosts explain best ways to maximize your benefit despite two major claiming strategies now eliminated. Listeners are also faced with the realities of retirement, as… Read more

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