How to Manage 8 Risks That Can Derail Your Retirement

Plenty of risks threaten retirement, and today we focus on managing risks from longevity, inflation, sequence of returns, taxes, interest rates, and lost opportunity. Plus, Professor Jamie Hopkins from The American College and the New York Life Center for Retirement Income talks about how our risky investor behavior needs Rewirement (which happens to be the title of his most … Read more

Guest:  Jamie Hopkins Professor Jamie Hopkins

Podcast #184
Risk Management

Why Is Risk Management Important?

Risk Management is a term most frequently associated with large businesses due to its crucial importance for corporations. However, risk management activities are just as vital when it comes to personal finances. In this video, Pure Financial Advisors’ Robert Canavan, CFP® explains why risk management is important in your personal, professional, and investing life.

Blog: Why Risk Management is

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Robert Canavan

Money Secrets of the Super Wealthy With Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan, author of “The Thin Green Line: The Money Secrets of the Super Wealthy” tells Joe and Big Al how the decisions you make about your money can put YOU in the wealthy club. Plus, how should you prepare for President Trump’s “biggest tax cut ever?” 3 things you may be getting wrong about retirement planning, and international taxation Read more

Guest:  Paul Sullivan paul sullivan

Podcast #120

Can I Afford to Have a Child?

Mike Bernier, CFP® answers your question of the week regarding how much it costs to have a child. According to the Department of Agriculture, the cost of one child from birth to high school graduation is around $245,000 (housing, food, childcare, etc.).


“Hi, I’m Mike Bernier, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Pure Financial Advisors, and welcome to the Question of … Read more

Mike BernierMike Bernier

How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Matt Davis from the Identity Theft Resource Center joins the show to share how you can protect yourself from one of America’s fastest growing crimes – identity theft. Plus, what’s it going to cost you to retire? Joe and Al share three retirement errors that will crush your investment gains.

1:17 “Identity theft is a real issue; we talk about … Read more

Guest:  Matt Davis matt davis

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

In this hour, Joe and Al talk retirement risk. While risk can come in all shapes and forms, it’s important to avoid making these risks when planning to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. Al closes off the discussion by discussing a fun personality quiz by Mashable you can take to figure out what your retirement passion project will consist of.… Read more

Karen Baszak

How Do I Protect Myself From Rental Liabilities?

In this Question of the Week, Karen Baszak, CFP® discusses several strategies to protect yourself from rental property liabilities. This includes making sure you have adequate liability coverage on your rental property policy, exploring the option of purchasing umbrella liability coverage and considering establishing a limited liability corporation (LLC) for your rental property.


“Hi, I’m Karen Baszak, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL … Read more

Karen Baszak

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Peter Keller, CFP® explains how to figure out how much life insurance you need according to your situation and what risks you would like to mitigate.


“Hi, my name is Peter Keller and I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Pure Financial Advisors, and welcome to Question of the Week. This week’s question is: How much life insurance should … Read more

Peter KellerPeter Keller
robert mccullock

What Types of Insurance Do I Need For My Family?

Robert McCullock, CFP® describes the different types of insurance you need to protect your family. These types of insurance include: disability (short term & long term), life, health, long term care, auto, home owner’s and umbrella or liability insurance.


“Hello, I’m Robert McCullock, Certified Financial Planner™ with Pure Financial Advisors, and this is your Question of the Week. this … Read more

Robert McCullockRobert McCullock

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

Joe and Al have a conversation with Dan Kadlec (Author & Contributor to Time & Money Magazines) on teaching money management skills to children and young adults. Dan discusses the importance of educating our youth about personal finance skills and why there is a lack of such education in the school system. Switching gears, Dan also gives his expert advice … Read more

Guest:  Dan Kadlec dan kadlec

Guest:  Mary Beth Franklin mary beth franklin