Money & Divorce: 14 Disastrous Mistakes That Will Steal Your Financial Dignity

Money & Divorce: The financial lifeguard Christine Luken talks about her new program, Financial Dignity After Divorce, plus 14 money mistakes to avoid during a divorce, how much the average couple will spend on healthcare costs in retirement, and with all this market volatility, is your 401(k) safe? And the fellas answer questions buying a house with cash vs … Read more

Guest:  Christine Luken Christine Luken, The Financial Lifeguard

Podcast #167

6 Things to Look For When Buying Investment Property

Buying investment property: Joel Larsgaard from the Pour Not Poor podcast talks about drinking beer and simplifying your life to save money that you can put towards buying rental real estate. And, some things to drink about – er, think about – before you commit to that investment property. Plus, the best places to invest in commercial real estate, and … Read more

Guest:  Joel Larsgaard Your Money, Your Wealth guest Joel Larsgaard of the Pour Not Poor podcast

Podcast #163
How Do You Start Investing in Real Estate?

How Do You Start Investing in Real Estate?

“Big Al” Clopine, CPA offers 3 tips for aspiring real estate investors.


“Today I’m going to talk about real estate investing, which is something near and dear to my heart, as I’ve been a real estate investor for about 35 years. And I will tell you something, you can make a lot of money in real estate, as I … Read more

Alan ClopineAlan Clopine

Millennials Want A Flex Life Over Financial Peace

Whitney Hansen, the host of the Money Nerds podcast, tells Jason Thomas, CFP®, how the financial needs, wants and goals of Gen Y and Gen Z are different than – well, ours. And, everything you know about investing for retirement is wrong and dangerous. At least, that’s what some newsletters would have you believe. Plus, Joe and Big Al discuss … Read more

Guest:  Whitney Hansen Whitney Hansen

Podcast #146

How to Turn $3,000 into $50 Million

Investing authority Paul Merriman explains how to turn $3,000 into $50 million and talks to Joe and Big Al about value vs. growth companies, market timing, choosing the right mix of stocks, bonds and other investments, and which stocks don’t beat even Treasuries in the long term. Plus, The 10 Best – and Worst – Places to Retire, Ways to … Read more

Guest:  Paul Merriman Paul Merriman

Podcast #130

7 Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Make

Alex Goldstein, the author of “No Nonsense Real Estate,” offers 7 Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Make. Joe and Big Al discuss 3 ways to sell your real estate, Social Security taxation, and 7 Social Security mistakes to avoid. Plus, potential ways to fund Trump tax reform, and who pays for weddings these days?

Show Notes

  • Trump Tax Reform: How
Read more

Guest:  Alex Goldstein

Podcast #118

What is a REIT?

Nate Ritchison, CFP® defines what a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is. Find out what the benefits of REITS are and what the difference between an equity REIT and a mortgage REIT is.


“Hi, I’m Nate Ritchison, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Registered Investment Advisor with Pure Financial Advisors, and this is Question of the Week. This week’s question is: … Read more

Nathaniel RitchisonNathaniel Ritchison