3 Retirement Tips from the Very Rich

Walter Updegrave from RealDealRetirement.com analyzed a recent survey of the needs, goals, and concerns of very wealthy investors, and shares some useful retirement tips from the very rich for the rest of us. Also, 12 common sources of tax-free income, 4 tax breaks that may be on the chopping block, the basics of Medicare, and Medicare mistakes. Plus, Joe still … Read more

Guest:  Walter Updegrave Walter Updegrave

Guest:  Jason Thomas

Podcast #126
medicare guide

Making the Most of Medicare | A Guide for Baby Boomers

If you have Medicare questions, this guide can help you get the answers you need. Medicare expert Dr. Katy Votava dives into the A, B, C’s of Medicare.

  • 2016 premiums and Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts (IRMAA)
  • 2016 Medicare Part A and B out-of-pocket costs
  • Medicare Part D costs and “donut-hole” threshold
  • Easy Medicare enrollment charts

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Rising Cost of Living + Medicare Q & A

The landscape of retirement is changing. The cost of living is rising and we are living longer than ever before. Joe and Al share financial tips for this new age of retirement. Then they welcome Medicare expert, Dr. Katy Votava to share her best ways of coping with rising Medicare premiums in 2016.

Important Points:

1:57 “When you turn age … Read more

Guest:  Dr. Katy Votava dr. katy votava


Questions About Medicare? Here Are Some Answers.

Medicare is complex and today’s changing health care landscape makes it more important than ever to fully understand how it works. If you or someone you know is near retirement, you may have questions about how to enroll in Medicare and what Medicare covers. Here are answers to some common questions about Medicare that can help you understand your options … Read more

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

Dr. Katy Votava speaks on new changes to Medicare and how this affects you. Will you qualify for the same premium as last year or will your new rate be higher? In the second half of this hour, Sandy Botkin, CPA gives listeners tax tips regarding maxing out 401(k) contributions, rules for charitable contributions and surprising ways in which you … Read more

Guest:  Dr. Katy Votava dr. katy votava

Guest:  Sandy Botkin sandy botkin

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

Joe and Al have a conversation with Dan Kadlec (Author & Contributor to Time & Money Magazines) on teaching money management skills to children and young adults. Dan discusses the importance of educating our youth about personal finance skills and why there is a lack of such education in the school system. Switching gears, Dan also gives his expert advice … Read more

Guest:  Dan Kadlec dan kadlec

Guest:  Mary Beth Franklin mary beth franklin

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

There are major changes to Social Security claiming strategies that were recently passed by Congress. Social Security expert Mary Beth Franklin joins the show (0:40-19:20) to explain what you need to know about this latest stealthy attack on your retirement. She explains in detail the elimination of the file and suspend strategy, who this affects and how filing for spousal … Read more

Guest:  Mary Beth Franklin mary beth franklin