Top 3 IRA Mistakes To Avoid

Many people are making mistakes when it comes to their IRAs. The top 3 mistakes we see are: people missing out on funding their IRAs, misunderstanding the age limits for contributions to an IRA and forgetting the spousal IRA. While there are many more mistakes, knowing these top 3 could help you avoid these common errors.

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Robert McCullockRobert McCullock

Jean Chatzky on the Big Shift to Women in Financial Power

Jean Chatzky (NBC’s Today Show) talks about, her new project giving women the confidence to lead the charge into the financial future. Plus, what women get wrong about money, how automation can help our health and our wealth, and why the gig economy isn’t helping. Joe and Big Al discuss the Uber IPO, taking RMDs from your … Read more

Guest:  Jean Chatzky Jean Chatzky

Podcast #192

IRA Basics: What You Need to Know About Individual Retirement Accounts

IRA basics: What do you know about the individual retirement account, also known as an IRA? On tap today, contributing to an IRA, IRAs for small business owners, self-directed IRAs, and IRA mistakes to avoid. Plus, Joe and Big Al answer your questions – like what does an IRA make?

Show Notes

  • (00:57) IRA Contributions: Everything You Need to Know
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Podcast #189

50 Or Older? Don’t Skip These 5 Key Retirement Questions

7 Steps to Retire in 10 Years, 5 Key Retirement Questions You Need To Answer When You’re 50 Or Older, 10 Frequently Asked IRA Questions, and some questions answered, like, “The estate is in probate and the accounts are frozen, now what?” and “Where should you invest any extra money you have left over each month?” (Oh, and Joe and Read more

Podcast #177

How Much Can You Really Spend in Retirement?

Retirement Researcher Dr. Wade Pfau explores the 4% rule for retirement withdrawals – just how much can you really spend in retirement? Joe and Big Al take on Dave Ramsey’s advice to pay off debt before saving for retirement, and they loudly debate the merits of real estate versus bonds in a portfolio. Also, IRA planning for the rest of … Read more

Guest:  Dr. Wade Pfau Wade pfau

Podcast #172
How is a Roth IRA Different from a Traditional IRA?

How is a Roth IRA Different from a Traditional IRA?

Nate Ritchison, CFP® explains the differences between two commonly-used retirement accounts: the Roth IRA and the traditional IRA.


“The question I often get when I meet with clients is, “what’s the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA?” Well, let’s discuss the similarities and the differences between the IRA’s.

The similarities are, they’re retirement accounts, specified under … Read more

Nathaniel RitchisonNathaniel Ritchison