The Trump Effect on the Markets – 111

Show Notes Investor Optimism, Emerging Markets and the Trump Effect (:36) If you have a personal relationship with your portfolio, it may serve you better (10:47) 6 Basic Retirement Questions Most Americans… Read more

Podcast #111 :

Guest Interview: Host of “Money for the Rest of Us”

J. David Stein, host of popular podcast “Money for the Rest of Us” joins the show to talk about, you guessed it, money. Joe and Al interview Stein on the state of the markets… Read more

Guest: J. David Stein

Hour 2

Interview with Joe Saul-Sehy

Joe and Al welcome on the show Joe Saul-Sehy, host of the top-rated personal finance podcast show “Stacking Benjamins.” Joe talks about what investors or anyone interested in personal finance can learn from his unorthodox show… Read more

Guest: Joe Saul-Sehy

Hour 2

How Bond Investments Work

Joe and Al answer investors’ questions on-air. Learn more about bond returns, how interest rates affect bond prices and the difference between short term vs. long term bonds. 0:44 “Is it sensible… Read more

Hour 2

Questions & Answers About Investing for Retirement

Joe and Al answer questions about investing for retirement covering investment options for 403(b) accounts, tax implications of moving part of your IRA and how to avoid tax penalties when withdrawing from… Read more

Hour 2

How to Pick the Right Target-Date Fund

Your 401(k) plan options probably include at least one target-date fund. Hosts discuss this one-step strategy for investing for retirement, then finish the hour answering listeners’ investing questions. 2:47 “Unfortunately, a lot… Read more

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