Risk Management

Why Is Risk Management Important?

Risk Management is a term most frequently associated with large businesses due to its crucial importance for corporations. However, risk management activities are just as vital when it comes to personal finances. In this video, Pure Financial Advisors’ Robert Canavan, CFP® explains why risk management is important in your personal, professional, and investing life.

Blog: Why Risk Management is

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Robert Canavan
What is a CFP


What is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™? Do I really need a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™? How do CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™s get paid? Pure Financial Advisors’ Director of Financial Planning, Susan Brandeis, CFP® answers these questions.


So today what we’re going to talk about is, what is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™? So what a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is, is somebody that’s … Read more

Susan BrandeisSusan Brandeis
Why financial risk management is important

Why Risk Management is Important

Why Risk Management is Important

Risk Management is a term most frequently associated with large businesses due to its crucial importance for corporations. However, risk management activities are just as vital when it comes to personal finances. By definition, risk management is the process of understanding, analyzing and addressing potential risks to ensure objectives are achieved. Sounds simple enough, … Read more

Investing After Retirement

Investing After Retirement Strategies

Many investors have put less thought into investing after retirement than they have into planning their investments leading up to retirement. Some investors may even believe that the entire process of investing is something that ends once they have retired, although this is not the case for most.

Almost all investors will have different objectives in retirement that will become … Read more

Jason Thomas

The Truth About Reducing Your Taxes Through Charitable Giving

In the aftermath of natural disasters at home and abroad, Elaine Martyn from Fidelity Charitable explains how donor-advised funds can make for tax efficient, high-impact giving. Plus, how to protect yourself from identity theft following the Equifax security breach, financial tips for the five stages of your relationship, soap opera estate planning, Joe and Big Al’s beer tastes, and biker … Read more

Guest:  Elaine Martyn Elaine Martyn

Podcast #133

6 Simple Reasons You Should Balance Your Life

Scott Ford, co-author of “The Sustainable Edge: 15 Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life” tells Joe and Big Al how he and co-author Ron Carson achieved the ultimate goal: faster business growth and a better work/life balance. Now you can learn these 6 reasons you should balance your life and how to do it. Joe and Al also
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Guest:  Scott Ford Scott Ford

Podcast #124

Are You Retirement Ready? Calculate Your Power Percentage To Find Out

USA Today columnist Pete The Planner explains how to calculate your Power Percentage for retirement readiness, and how to set house rules to get on the path to a successful retirement. Plus, 8 benefits of claiming Social Security later, how a Roth 401(k) may give you more purchasing power in retirement than a traditional 401(k), and Joe wants to … Read more

Guest:  Pete the Planner Peter Dunn aka Pete the Planner

Podcast #121

Using Reverse Mortgages To Secure Retirement with Dr. Wade Pfau

Dr. Wade Pfau reveals new research on the reverse mortgage as an insurance policy and investing tool and discusses the 4% rule for withdrawing retirement income from your portfolio. Plus, Joe and Al have 10 tips to boost retirement savings, the pros and cons of rolling your 401(k) into an IRA, long-term care tax strategies, the latest on the Department … Read more

Guest:  Dr. Wade Pfau Wade pfau

Podcast #117

Beat the Market, Save, Retire at 30?

From stock picking to retiring at 30, Rob Berger spills secrets learned in 10 years hosting The Dough Roller Money Podcast. Joe and Big Al talk about market volatility caused by President Trump’s potential tax cuts, health care plan, and proposed budget and they cover 5 “fatal error” type inherited IRA mistakes, the merits of Star Wars merch, Johnny Depp’s … Read more

Guest:  Rob Berger Rob Berger

Podcast #116

The Value of Debt in Building Wealth

Author Tom Anderson discusses the value of debt in wealth building through the four phases of life. Joe and Big Al go over 6 common myths that can mess up your retirement, and how much you need to save in order to have $1 million when you retire. Also, how will making a large IRA withdrawal affect your taxes, Medicare … Read more

Guest:  Tom Anderson tom anderson

Podcast #115
matt horsley cfp

What Are the Benefits of Working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™?

Matt Horsley shares the benefits of working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional by explaining the process for achieving a CFP® credential and also sharing what areas of financial planning a CFP® professional focuses on. At Pure Financial, we only recommend that you work with a CFP® to show that the advisor is properly adequate to handle your finances … Read more

Matthew HorsleyMatthew Horsley