Living Beyond Your Means Now? You’ll Live Beneath Your Means In the Future

JP Morgan’s Chief Global Strategist Dr. David Kelly discusses the mid-term elections, market volatility, interest rates, tariffs and trade wars, Brexit, his 2019 economic predictions, and what all of that means for you and me. How should you be invested now? Dr. Kelly also gives his opinions on value versus growth stocks, international stocks versus US stocks, emerging markets like Read more

Guest:  David Kelly Dr. David Kelly

Podcast #196
2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

Brian Perry, CFP® recaps the global economic markets in 2017.

2017 Year in Review Summary:

• President Donald Trump gave us a “Goldilocks” economy
• International developed markets
• International emerging markets
• Countries that outperformed the US
• Large vs. small performance
• Value vs. growth
• Stocks and bonds… Read more

Brian PerryBrian Perry

November 2017 Economic Update

Month in Brief

October saw the S&P 500 rise 2.22% in response to results from the fall earnings season, encouraging fundamental indicators, and anticipation of tax reforms. An impressive jump in personal spending complemented excellent readings on consumer confidence and purchasing manager indices; although, hiring suffered a setback. As the European Union contended with disunity in Spain, the European Central … Read more

September economic update

September 2017 Economic Update

The Month in Brief

August brought an overwhelming natural disaster, a threat of war from a foreign dictator, and violence in the streets – so it is little wonder stocks went sideways. The S&P 500 eked out an advance of 0.05% for the month. Economically speaking, there were some positives: improvements in consumer confidence and consumer spending, continued strength in … Read more

July 2017 Economic Update

The Month In Brief

June brought some definite headwinds to Wall Street, but the broad stock market still advanced. The S&P 500 added 0.48% across the month, even with tech shares selling off. As anticipated, the Federal Reserve raised the federal funds’ rate by another quarter point. Last month was a trying one for European stocks as well as oil … Read more

June 2017 Economic Update

The Month in Brief

May was another good month for stocks. The S&P 500 gained more than 1%, putting its YTD advance above 7.7%. While the housing market showed some spring weakness, hiring bounced back and most other important economic indicators did not falter. Wall Street seemed little troubled by politics, terrorist incidents, data disappointments, or earnings misses. Overseas, stock … Read more

april 2017 economic update

April Economic Update

The Month in Brief

Stocks went sideways rather than north in March, with the S&P 500 losing just 0.04%. The Federal Reserve made another quarter-point interest rate move, and overseas, the United Kingdom initiated Brexit proceedings. While new data showed weak consumer spending, consumer optimism remained high and hiring was once again strong. A subpar month for commodities did bring … Read more