Tempted to Panic and Sell? Do These 3 Things Instead

Brian Perry and Larry Swedroe on market volatility, whether, as President Donald Trump said, the Fed is crazy, and what 3 things you should do next to be like the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffett. Plus, answers to your questions: can you roll a 401(k) into a home purchase? What’s a good allocation of stocks vs. bonds? And … Read more

Guest:  Larry Swedroe Larry Swedroe

Podcast #191

From Consumer to Creator: How to Reach Financial Independence

Philip Taylor, AKA PT of PTMoney.com, shares the method he used to reach financial independence as he transitioned from CPA to financial media mogul. Plus, 5 ways to turn retirement savings into income, how a big lottery win might affect your Social Security benefits, and if you dollar cost average into Bitcoin to buy winter parkas, how is that Read more

Guest:  Philip Taylor Your Money, Your Wealth guest Philip Taylor

Podcast #166

How to Be Financially Alert and on FIRE at Age 36, Even With Market Volatility

Michael from FinanciallyAlert.com reached FIRE at age 36 (that’s Financial Independence / Retire Early). He shares his inspiring success story of how being financially alert allowed him to transition from small business entrepreneur to stay-at-home Dad and FIRE blogger with a growing net worth of over $2M – and how he can coach you to FIRE too. Plus, market Read more

Guest:  Michael from FinanciallyAlert.com Your Money, Your Wealth guest Michael Hall

Podcast #164

6 Things to Look For When Buying Investment Property

Buying investment property: Joel Larsgaard from the Pour Not Poor podcast talks about drinking beer and simplifying your life to save money that you can put towards buying rental real estate. And, some things to drink about – er, think about – before you commit to that investment property. Plus, the best places to invest in commercial real estate, and … Read more

Guest:  Joel Larsgaard Your Money, Your Wealth guest Joel Larsgaard of the Pour Not Poor podcast

Podcast #163

She Saves $85,000 Annually. Learn Jamila Souffrant’s Secrets

Save $85,000 annually: Jamila Souffrant from JourneyToLaunch.com explains how she can save $85,000 every year, and how you can save and invest more money too. Plus, 10 Financial Planning Tips for Young Investors, and the merits of buying company stock. And interest rates are on the rise – what does that mean for your bond portfolio?

Show Notes

  • (01:38) The
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Guest:  Jamila Souffrant Journey to Launch founder, Jamila Souffrant

Podcast #162

10 Commandments of Retirement from The Retirement Manifesto

Fritz Gilbert from TheRetirementManifesto.com shares his 10 Commandments for Retirement – well actually it’s 11, but that extra one is important! Plus, Big Al has 10 ways you can pay less in taxes this year, and in future years. And Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs have set off more market moves, but could they also jack up the price of Read more

Guest:  Fritz Gilbert The Retirement Manifesto Founder, Fritz Gilbert

Podcast #160

How To Successfully Retire at 41

Chris Mamula retired early – at age 41! He now blogs about his experiences at CanIRetireYet.com. How did he do it, after making a decade of retirement planning mistakes? Plus 5 Things to Consider Before Tapping Your Retirement Accounts, and the good, the bad and the ugly of the popular “guaranteed income” products known as annuities. But first, the … Read more

Guest:  Chris Mamula Your Money, Your Wealth guest Chris Mamula

Podcast #153

Millennial Money Founder Side-Hustled to a Million in 5 Years

Millennial Money founder Grant Sabatier on how extreme saving and the art of the side hustle took him from $2.26 in the bank to a net worth of $1 million in just 5 years. Plus, 7 things YOU should do to become a millionaire, what Trump’s tax plan means for the middle class, whether you should pay off the mortgage … Read more

Guest:  Grant Sabatier Grant Sabatier

Podcast #134

Beat the Market, Save, Retire at 30?

From stock picking to retiring at 30, Rob Berger spills secrets learned in 10 years hosting The Dough Roller Money Podcast. Joe and Big Al talk about market volatility caused by President Trump’s potential tax cuts, health care plan, and proposed budget and they cover 5 “fatal error” type inherited IRA mistakes, the merits of Star Wars merch, Johnny Depp’s … Read more

Guest:  Rob Berger Rob Berger

Podcast #116

Andrew Fiebert on How To Retire Early


How to retire early – like, really early! What, if anything, the news about the Department of Labor fiduciary rule means to you, and why Joe HATES target date funds! This is Your Money, Your Wealth.

Today on Your Money, Your Wealth, Joe and big Al talk to Andrew Fiebert of the financial podcast, Listen Money Matters, about … Read more

Guest:  Andrew Fiebert andrew fiebert

Podcast #102