What Are Qualified Charitable Distributions?

A qualified charitable distribution, or QCD, is a distribution you can make from your IRA directly to a charity if you are eligible for required minimum distributions.

In this video, Matt Balderston, CFP® from Pure Financial Advisors outlines the rules and limits for this type of charitable giving.


Today we’re going to be talking about Qualified Charitable Distributions, or … Read more

Matt BalderstonMatt Balderston
Charitable Contribution Taxes

How Does a Charitable Contribution Affect My Taxes?

Charitable contributions are one of the biggest tax saving tools available to taxpayers. David Cook, CFP® makes sure you know all the details so that you can not only make a difference in the world but also a difference on your taxes.

“Today we’re going to be discussing charitable contributions and that is one a few things to think … Read more

David CookDavid Cook

A Last Minute Feel-Good Way to Reduce Your 2017 Taxes

Elaine Martyn from Fidelity Charitable explains how donor-advised funds can help others and reduce your 2017 taxes. Retirement jitters, a retirement crisis, and 7 ways to teach your kids the value of saving for retirement to help them avoid both the jitters and the crisis. Plus, is there any way to undo rolling a 401(k) into a 403(b) annuity? And … Read more

Guest:  Elaine Martyn Elaine Martyn

Podcast #140

The Truth About Reducing Your Taxes Through Charitable Giving

In the aftermath of natural disasters at home and abroad, Elaine Martyn from Fidelity Charitable explains how donor-advised funds can make for tax efficient, high-impact giving. Plus, how to protect yourself from identity theft following the Equifax security breach, financial tips for the five stages of your relationship, soap opera estate planning, Joe and Big Al’s beer tastes, and biker … Read more

Guest:  Elaine Martyn Elaine Martyn

Podcast #133

Tools for Intelligent Giving

Your generosity can pay off in more ways than one. Joe and Al share how to make tax-smart charitable donations.

2:47 “Here’s what does create a tax deduction for volunteering: your mileage to and from some type of charitable event you go to…supplies you purchase directly for charity, and there are some fundraising expenses that will qualify for tax deductions. … Read more

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

Charitable giving can significantly reduce your taxes if you do it the right way. In this hour of the podcast, Joe and Al discuss charitable contribution tax strategies for any budget. Find out if a donor advised fund is right for you, and how this type of fund differs from a private foundation. Joe and Al go through ten tax-reducing … Read more

Your Money, Your Wealth Hr. 2

Dr. Katy Votava speaks on new changes to Medicare and how this affects you. Will you qualify for the same premium as last year or will your new rate be higher? In the second half of this hour, Sandy Botkin, CPA gives listeners tax tips regarding maxing out 401(k) contributions, rules for charitable contributions and surprising ways in which you … Read more

Guest:  Dr. Katy Votava dr. katy votava

Guest:  Sandy Botkin sandy botkin