Pure’s San Diego office is searching for an Associate Advisor (AA) to team up with and be mentored by one of our more senior Advisors. This position will provide planning support to the lead advisor while learning how to develop and manage existing client relationships as well as bring on new clients. The intent is for the AA role to evolve into a Financial Advisor role over several years and to help us meet the demand of potential clients that want to do business with our firm

We are looking for an individual that has a thorough knowledge of the financial services business, including, but not limited to, the ability to process financial data to develop accurate, attractive, and professional reports and create financial planning recommendations (e.g., cash flow, risk management, estate planning, investments, and tax). We are looking for high-quality individuals that can provide comprehensive retirement planning solutions and tax-optimized investment management strategies that will adhere to fiduciary standards and act in the best interest of our clients.


  • Must have a CFP® credential plus 5 years of industry experience.
  • Ability to assess a prospective client’s needs and financial goals.
  • A solid understanding of retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, cash flow, investment and asset allocation strategies, and risk management.
  • Effective with communication skills. Ability to deliver comprehensive financial plans to clients.
  • Strong relationship management skills.

Why become an Advisor with Pure? Pure provides specialized support so that our Financial Advisors can spend their time where they need to – in front of clients, managing the client relationship, and providing comprehensive financial planning advice.

Below are examples of how we provide support to our advisors:

  • Marketing & Business Development – We generate leads so that our advisors don’t have to invest their time on marketing efforts. This is done in various ways, including our educational classes and client events, as well as our Your Money, Your Wealth® television and radio shows. We have teams focused on marketing and business development to handle calls from numerous prospective clients – people that want to sit down with a CFP. We also set the appointments so that the advisor can spend the time meeting with prospective clients, gaining a better understanding of their needs and how we can help them meet their financial goals.
  • Investment Management – Pure’s trading department works with advisors on managing the client’s portfolio in a tax-optimized way – daily rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, asset location, etc.
  • Operations and Client Services – We have client service teams to handle everything – they work with the custodians to ensure all transactions are taken care of and take the paperwork off the advisor’s “to-do” list!


Candidates should submit a resume to careers@purefinancial.com.